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Friday, August 28, 2009' 12:13 AM
}sweet happy endings

Shiny with Star Scrump Doll 13cm


(Description: Now Stitch n gang bathe in bling bling shiny stars! Blinding...isn't it?)

Disney Sega

Instock :

Shiny Scrumpdoll x3 x2 x1 restock!

$16.90each only !!! ( Free Normal Postage!! )


Thursday, August 27, 2009' 6:20 AM
}sweet happy endings

Colourful Baby Scrumpdoll , Stitch , Angel 28cm

(Description: Baby Stitch n gang in bright mixed-up colors. U can have Scrump cause I'm not letting go of Stitch n Angel... Bleh! )

Disney Sega

Instock :

Scrumpdoll x3 x2 x1

$26.90each ( left 1 )


Monday, August 24, 2009' 7:36 AM
}sweet happy endings

Scrumpdoll Huggie Cushion ( 65cm measuring from hair )

(Description: Wait, I didn't pull Scrump's head off his neck! There's a zip around his neck so stuff the body into the head, whichever way u think is cuter. Have fun!)

Disney Sega

Instock :

Scrumpdoll x4 ( pending x1 )



Friday, August 21, 2009' 12:16 PM
}sweet happy endings

Scrumpdoll & Stitch with Ice-Cream 28cm

(Description: Ice-cream anyone? Well Stitch n Scrump is willing to share... utterly cute!!!)

Disney Sega

Instock :

Scrump x2 x1


Stitch x1


(1 set $45)

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' 12:10 PM
}sweet happy endings

Lying Down Stitch Tissue box casing 50cm

(Description: Need tissue? Ask Stitch. New n improved tissue out of his back n whats more, he wouldn't even say 'ouch'!)

Disney Sega

Instock :

Stitch ** without tongue x1



Tuesday, August 18, 2009' 9:02 AM
}sweet happy endings

NocoNoco Super XXXXXL Stitch 80cm / 120CM!!

(Description: As mentioned in the tittle, there is 2 sizes. Consider the room u have or measure ur bed, N heavy too... May be pricey, but worth every inch, soft n fluffy... Don't miss the largest 1! )

Lilo & Stitch

Instock :

Stitch 80cm x2 x1 (Sold out!)

$69.90each (Sold out!)

Stitch 120cm x1 (Sold out!)

$130each ( Largest Stitch in Singapore ) ( All Sold out!)


Tuesday, August 11, 2009' 11:54 AM
}sweet happy endings

Small & Cute Little Scrumpdoll 14cm

(Description: The infamous Scrump, cute as ever, now a beanie n palm size. Get 5 of then can play '5 stones'! )

Lilo & Stitch

Instock :

Scrumpdoll x4 x1



Monday, August 10, 2009' 9:28 PM
}sweet happy endings

Cinnamoroll Plush 30cm

(Description: Very cute Cinnamoroll with velcro at the tip of both large ears. Hang it around when u're hanging around! ...lame...)


Instock :

Cinnamoroll *Left x1

Cinnamoroll - right (Sold out!)



' 9:00 PM
}sweet happy endings

Large Hello Kitty Head Cushion ( Stylish Green version ) 50cm

(Description: Ooooh, it's Hello Kitty flat head cushion in greens... The lighter green one have 4-leaf clovers on where the ribbon should be. Get the only pair left then got good luck lor...)


Instock :

Hello Kitty ( Dark Green )

Hello Kitty ( Light Green Clover )

$25.90 left 1 each


' 11:06 AM
}sweet happy endings

Scrumpdoll & Stitch Beach Series 14cm

(Description: They're here!!! The mischievous beach invaders steals your melon n strip to sun his butt, another 1 beats his best friend into a float n the worse of all, flashes a perverted towel of bikini girl!!! Argh! Buy them away!!!)
Disney Sega

Instock :

Scrumpdoll x1


Suntan Stitch x2 x1
Stitch with Float x3 x2 x1
Stitch with bikini Sign board x2 x1


(1 set $45) Cheapest!!!


' 11:03 AM
}sweet happy endings

Scrumpdoll with Starry Bamboo series 18cm

(Description: Stitch n friends holding bamboo Christmas trees or bamboo magical wand or magical wand with leaves or...u decide.)

Disney Sega

Instock :

Scrumpdoll x1



' 11:00 AM
}sweet happy endings

Stitch with Ice Candy Face 30cm

(Description: It's Mickey n friends licking off lollipops with their very own faces on them. But sorry guys, I'm not sharing so only Stitch is available. Bleh!)

Disney Sega

Instock :

Stitch with Candy Face x2



' 10:58 AM
}sweet happy endings

Scrumpdoll ( Japanese Costume Holding Fan Series ) 6cm

(Description: Very cute n tiny Guys in traditional Japanese costume holding worshiping fans. Sad to say, only Scrump is available...)

Disney Sega

Instock :

Scrumpdoll x4 x2 x1 (Sold out!)

$9.90each ( Sold out!)


' 10:28 AM
}sweet happy endings

My Melody & Kuromi Head hp Strap 5cm

(Description: Wow! A multipurpose-mini-cute-collectable-hp strap/hair band/wrist band/bag accessory My Melody n Kuromi....Phew.... )


Instock :

Kuromi black x2 x1
Kuromi blue x1



Saturday, August 8, 2009' 12:04 PM
}sweet happy endings

2GB Doraemon Flash Drive

(Description: Looking for cool gadgets to personalize your laptop? Here it is! Cute Doreamon flash drive. Remove the body n fix it to the rubber cork, head is the flash drive itself...)


Doraemon Flash Drive with box x1



Wednesday, August 5, 2009' 8:26 AM
}sweet happy endings

Musical Stitch Carry Scrumpdoll 30cm

(Description: Another version of Stitch singing n dancing to the music, but this time, with SCRUMP. Must buy must have!!!)

Lilo & Stitch

Instock :

Stitch carry Scrump x4 x2


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Tuesday, August 4, 2009' 11:40 PM
}sweet happy endings

Musical Pooh in a Tree 30cm

(Description: The cutest Pooh i've ever seen!!! Bobbing up n down in the tree hole singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star with an innocent baby voice, watch the video n u'll love it...)

Pooh in a Tree x1



' 12:29 PM
}sweet happy endings

Dancing n musicial Stitch with I Love YOu Banner 30cm

(Description: Dance to the rhythm with Stitch in 4 different colored skirts!!! Now sing along too! ~She is the 1 that u never forget~)


Stitch RED x1
Stitch ORANGE x1
Stitch GREEN x1
Stitch BLUE x1




★★ Sms ME at 83235680 for Faster Deal!!! ★★

★★ Free Pineapple Series Set of Scrump,Stitch & Angel with purchase of $80 n above ★★

HOW TO ORDER ★★ Sms me at: 83235680

★ Email me at:

★ Posb Saving Account: 003-47223-0

★ Sorry pls take noted ^^ i dun do Swapping...
★ Pls Email Me For Enquires Or Fill In Our Order Form Below
★ Please note that all items come on first come first serve basis
★ For payment mode, only cash or POSB saving account
★ Meetup place At:

Redhill mrt station

Tiong Bahru Mrt Station

Choa Chu Kang Mrt station

( Monday @ Redhill or Choa Chu Kang )
( Tuesday-Friday @ Tiong Bahru 3pm-7pm )
( Weekends @ Tiong Bahru 3pm-5pm )


Promotion .. Promotion .. Promotion ..

Set A

(Purchase any 2 for jus $40 )








( Any 2 For $40 )

TTerms and Condition

To ensure pleasant shopping, do spend some time going through my terms & condition thank you

1.All prices stated are in Singapore Dollar (SGD).

2.All scrumpscrump-shop's items are ORIGINAL from Disney SEGA and banpresto, unless otherwise stated.

3.All scrumpscrump-shop's items are brand new unless stated.

4.Emails will reply within 48hrs.

5.No backing out after confirmation, reservation or payment.

6.Appreciate if you are 100% sure of purchasing scrumpscrump-shop's item before sending an email of the orders.

- No MIA
- All dead buyers will be blacklisted

7.Items strictly reserved for 72hours once confirmation email is sent.

8.Payment not made within 72hours will result items to be let go to other interested buyers without any notification!

9.Upon receiving your payment with email stating confirmation of transfer:

- amount and date of transfer
- i-nick / atm receipt reference number
- items ordered
- personal details (FULL mailing address, addresses and contact number)

10.Normal mail fee for non-bulky items: from $0.70-$1.
- Normal mail fee for bulky items: $2-$4. Price vary from different size and weight.
- Registered mail fee for non-bulky items: from $3-$5. Price vary from different size and weight.
- Registered mail fee for bulky items: from $6 & above. Price vary from different size and weight.

11.Kindly be reminded that Scrumpscrump-shop will not be liable for missing items if you opt for a normal postage.

12.Registered postage simply means postman will delivery items to your doorsteps.

13.Do check out for collection slips left at doorsteps if you missed his delivery. click to view http://www.singpost.com/ for more information.

Kindly note that all items sold are NON-refundable nor exchangable. Items will be check for any defections before mailing out.

CContact Form

Pls do Fill in Our Contact Form For Ordering

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